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Q:  What size ball do i need for my trailer?
A:  As a rule single axle trailers use a 2″ ball and have a flat 4 pin electrical connection. Tandem or triple axle trailers use a 2 5/16″ ball and since they have electric brakes they have a round seven way mobile home/ bargman style plug. That’s the one factory installed today on almost all trucks

Q.  What is the location of the factory?
A:  The factory is located at 209 Glenn Bass Rd. Fitzgerald, GA 31750. Its main number is 229-796-4120

Q.  Where should i stay when traveling over night?
A:  Fitzgerald is a small town and there are very few places to stay. We recommend country hearth inn. Its a newer style hotel and we have a contract rate there for our customers. You make the reservation there yourself. The number is 229-409-9911. The website is http://www.Countryhearthfitzgerald.Com/

Q.  Can Husky cargo help me with my light hook up or ball adjustment when picking up may trailer?
A:  No we hate saying no but there is a lot of liability involve with anything traveling on the road and our insurance company does not allow us to work on or affect the tow vehicle in any way. Fitzgerald is a very small town, and services are limited. Please make sure that your tow vehicle is properly set up to pull the trailer you are buying. One way to make sure is to visit your local full service u haul store. They can check you light hook up and hitch and make sure you are ready to haul a trailer.